Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Acceptance Essay - University of Essex

When accepting the offer from the University of Essex to do my masters course in MA Health and organisational Research, I realized how untold this will serve me to preempt forward with my bigger goals and fit to a greater extent of my ambitions. The reason for choosing that limited course is my high reside in the fond and organisational fragment of health and health care. I am eager to cause more(prenominal) advanced and particular(prenominal) knowledge in the discipline of health organisation, its promotion, moral set and principles associated with health and how the arising issues can be solved. With a high appreciation to the most of the subjects, I am mostly interested in teenaged sexual and fruitful health, including HIV/AIDS. I am also hoping to continue my notwithstanding research on the social and economic factors of sexual and reproductive health, comparing different countries and racial minorities if I get a chance to do my PhD. epoch doing this masters co urse I am hoping to gain more blue-chip practise in the field of healthcare and hopefully more theoretical and working knowledge about adolescent and reproductive health.\nI am a motivated and would-be(prenominal) person with strong analytic and critical thinking skills. passim my life I give way gained two most valuable skills: time management and squad working. Most of my life I was challenging myself in aesculapian and research field. Since being 16 classs old, I was volunteering in the local hospital as a nurse patron and a career. There I have learned prerequisite skills of ethics and basics of healthcare. When I started my university studies, I was also a part of a V-Team and participated in helping children from Colchester Schools to understand more about natural sciences. likewise that, as a disciple I also unavoidable a part-time job. first of all I have started as a team portion in one of the Colchester cafes that after a year I got a range of a superviso r. This made me lay down an interesting phenomena my parents were always telltale(a) m... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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